Frequently Asked Questions //よくあるご質問

For travellers / 訪日観光客:

I’m not from a typical English speaking country. How good does my English have to be as a traveller to use Doot?

Almost all of the Japanese hosts will be speaking to you in English. As long as you can understand English and hold a conversation, you’ll enjoy the Doot Experience!

I’m an English speaker but I live in Japan. Can I still use Doot, or do I have to be specifically travelling?

You’re welcome to use Doot whenever you like! As an expat, Doot Experiences are a great way to meet new people in your area and to discover great new restaurants. Use Doot to find your niche – your little corner of town!

I’m an English speaker but I live in Japan. Can I use Doot as a local host or must I be Japanese?

You’re welcome to register as a local host, regardless of nationality. If you know some good restaurants in your area, can help travellers with the language barriers in restaurants, and have permission to earn money in Japan, you’re welcome to register as a local.

I’m travelling in a group. How much do we need to pay the local for the food experience?

Each experience costs 1000 yen per person, paid directly to the local. This is a service fee, and excludes meal costs.

Am I required to pay for the local’s meal?

Nope! The only expense is the experience fee (1000 yen per person) and your own meal/drink costs.

For locals: 日本在住の方:



For both travellers and locals: 訪日観光客、日本在住の方:

Where should we meet on the day of our meeting?

We recommend meeting at a train station exit. For example: Namba Station, Exit 4. Use the chat function on Doot to tell each other what you are wearing, so you can find each other easily.

How long are the meetings meant to last?

The recommended period of time is one hour per meeting, since this is the usual duration of a meal together. However, if the conversation and food is good, you’re welcome to extend the time if both groups agree!



Is there any advice for how to behave or how I can be a better meeting partner?

Check out our behavior guide and code of conduct. There is a whole section dedicated to behaviour and meeting preparation for both locals and travellers.



I am worried about meeting people safely. What should I do?

We advise you to tell your family and friends where you will be meeting, when you’ve arrived and when your meeting is over. Feel free to message your network during the meeting too – safety is never rude. All users are prompted to provide feedback on their meeting partner after their meeting too, so you will be able to find trusted users with a record of good behaviour and etiquette.



Who pays for the meals at the end of the meeting?

Doot gives you the freedom to determine your own meal budget. You can choose the items that sound interesting to you, rather than being locked into the foods that we think you’d like. As such, everyone pays for their own food and drinks that they ordered. If dishes and drinks were shared, please split those items equally between each other.