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Be a responsible traveller and respect the local Japanese customs. Make sure you don't offend the locals while you're travelling in Japan. Food for thoughtGeneral TravelJapan Tips
April 15, 2019

3 ways you offend the locals in Japan

For most part, tourists are well behaved and well-received by the locals. Not many locals…
Eat the best ramen based on local recommendation. Best of JapanFood for thoughtJapan Tips
April 9, 2019

5 Must Try Regional Cuisines In Japan According To Past Travelers

If you asked a Japanese person what foods they think you should eat, you're likely…
The Golden Pavilion, Kinkakuji, in Kyoto Japan Best of JapanFood for thoughtGeneral Travel
April 7, 2019

Go for gold – Gold things to see and eat in Japan

Did you know that Japan is using recycled materials to create the medals that will…

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